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Anne Gardner

Education: Auburn University

Anne, Dr. Gardner’s wife, is the hospital’s joint owner and office manager. She received her Bachelor of Science from Auburn University in 1980. Her strong passion for a family environment in her personal life carries over in the workplace every day. She is very active in Eufaula with several church and community organizations. She takes the extra time during the holidays and special events during the year to make sure the pets are taken care of even it is justĀ  a simple Thanksgiving treat for the pets. Anne’s communication with our valued clients is a very important aspect of GAH and she takes much pride in customer service to make sure your visit at GAH is very pleasing. Anne and Dr. Gardner have 3 kids and 2 grandchildren, with two more grandchildren on the way. They have a few four-legged children as well, especially Sydney, their Portuguese Water Dog. Sydney is very loved and can often times can be seen at the clinic with Dr. Gardner and if not at the clinic, she is with Anne traveling placing and visiting family. Sydney is very pampered and enjoys meeting our clients and celebrating the grand-children’s birthdays on Lake Eufaula (She LOVES to swim). Anne is very family oriented and will share her hospitality in any way possible for her friends and close family.